Will The Google Pixel & Google Plus Have A New Launch Date

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A few weeks ago we reported on the Google smartphone project, the Google smartphone operating system called ” Lollipop”. This OS was designed to leverage off the power of the existing Android operating system, in order to provide users with a phone that is both powerful and highly intuitive. The plan is for devices to launch on major carrier networks around the world in 2021. Following up on our report, a Google spokesman posted this news on their corporate blog: “Stay tuned for the official Google Lollipop launch date.” The blog post does not specify if the release date will be a fall event or spring event.

Google Pixel and Google Plus Launch Date

There are several possibilities to what could be the final Google smartphone release date. Theoretically, Google could still decide to hold off on a major smartphone launch. It has been suggested that they may announce a major new product alongside the Lollipop release, in an effort to separate it from the previous Google smartphone products that have been released in the past. It could also follow up on their recent announcement of creating two more apps: one dedicated to music players, the other to Android web browsing.

A big question that remains is what the final Google smartphone will look like. Right now, the company is sticking to its plan for a smartphone with many of the features you would expect from a flagship smartphone, including many of the features that were present on the Android 4.3 ” Kit Kat” release. However, there is no telling how long it will take to fully implement all of the desired features of a major smartphone release. Even if they do pull it off, it will not be the kind of mobile device that we have become accustomed to with our touch screen phones. Will the new Google smartphone make use of a touch screen, or rely on a keyboard and mouse?

If Google nails it, this can be a huge move for any company that is considering making a big move into the smartphone market. After all, if there is going to be a huge shift in the way that we use our phones, then companies need to prepare for it. The problem is that many big names in technology are doing just that. Apple and HTC are likely to make use of their iPhone and Android devices to launch the next phase of smartphone innovation, and it could be a very big move for Google. Their previous attempts, such as the Gmail mobile service and Chrome mobile browser, have been met with harsh criticism by both tech enthusiasts and consumers alike, but they are two of the most successful smartphones to ever grace the planet.

There are two ways to look at this, one being the positive and the other being the negative. Those that are positive about the prospect of the new Google smartphone project hail it as being a great move by Google. They believe that it will help the company make more money, especially in the increasingly competitive smartphone market. With the success of the iPhone and Android devices, the big company has now entered the realm of smart phones. The question then becomes when exactly we will see the release of the new Google smartphone, and how we will know it when we do.

According to an interview on All Things Digital, Sundar Pichai, head of the Android division at Google, revealed some information about the release date of the new phone. He indicated that the final date will not be before the end of this summer, instead it will likely be sometime in the fall. If you recall, Google has previously stated that it will not be releasing its new smartphone until the first half of this year. It may have something to do with the launch of the new Google smartphone, which will be coming up in the fall. No specifics have been given as of yet, but the company is normally very upfront about its plans, so we should keep our ears open.

Another interesting bit of information is that the company is also planning on releasing two more smartphones around the same time as the two new Google smartphone projects. A couple of rumors have surfaced saying that the next two smartphones will be called the “Google smartphone” and the “Google mini smartphone.” These two devices will be the long term flagship devices of the company, and they will likely be the real kickers to come from the release of the Google pixel 5. The rumor said that these two devices will use the same technology as the current line of Google phones, but with a twist. For example, the Google mini will probably have a really great feature like a fingerprint scanner or an integrated GPS navigation system built-in.

End Note

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This is all very interesting, but it still does not tell us much about when we will actually see the new Google smartphone, or the two new high-end smartphone projects. We are going to have to wait and see when the company has something new to announce. The rumor mill does have a lot to say about the release date of the Google smartphone, but it is still too early to make any solid guesses. If you have any idea what I’m talking about though, then you would know that I’m dead serious about this. I expect the release of the Google smartphone in the next few months to be preceded by two major releases: the first of the new Google smartphone models, and the second of the Google mini smartphone models.

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