Making Your Big Battery Phone Last Longer

best motorola phone

If you’re looking for a good value smartphone, you should definitely look at Motorola. They consistently produce quality smartphones with great features at an affordable price. No need to break the bank when smartphone shopping with this company. This is a company that knows what it’s doing when it comes to making smartphones.

One of their newer models, the Motorola DROID, is proving to be one of the most popular choices among Verizon customers. The phone has all of the features you’d want in a smartphone. It comes loaded with entertainment features like apps for movies and music, access to the Internet, and wireless services like 4G and text services. While prices on some Verizon smartphones have been on the rise lately, you’ll save big if you shop for the DROID on Amazon. The company has a special deal through Amazon that will let you purchase the Motorola DROID from Amazon at the best possible price point.

Best Motorola Phone

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One of the best characteristics of the DROID is its rugged, full-body design. In addition to having a stylish body though, the Motorola DROID also has a few unique features that set it apart from other smartphones. For example, it has a solid aluminum frame that makes it capable of handling dropped calls without causing any damage. At the same time, the phone is still thin, which means it’s easy to slip inside of your pocket or purse. Because of this, the Motorola DROID is perfect for those who like to perform physical work on the go, such as those who are students or those who work in offices.

If you want something with a little more personality than the sleek styling of the DROID is offering, consider buying the unlocked, “G” version of the smartphone instead of the “U” model. The unlocked version of the phone is offered by many carriers and is often far less expensive than if you had purchased the phone with a specific carrier. However, there is another benefit to choosing the GSM unlocked version of the DROID instead of the CDMA version that is offered on some carriers. When you use the “G” model, you get to choose from a variety of skins to customize your phone, including bright, lime green, neon, and even bright red for Verizon Wireless.

Motorola DROID

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Another way to customize the look of the Motorola DROID is to purchase a screen protector. These add an extra layer of protection to the touch screen, preventing it from becoming scratched or damaged. There are many screen protectors available, including ones made specifically for iPhones, Blackberrys, and other smartphones. The iPhone is especially susceptible to being damaged when a case is not used, so this is an important consideration for most people. The screen protectors for these other two smartphones are also quite effective at preventing damage, making them worth the extra money.


Many users like to install software that will modify or optimize the speed of their smartphones’ computers. Some of these programs are free, and others have to be purchased. Software that alters how the Motorola DROID’s processor works, for example, may require that the phone be connected to a computer with a USB port in order to work. Other types of software are compatible with any operating system that is used on the Motorola DROID, so these applications can easily be transferred between smartphones. This allows the same application to work on an iPhone as well as an Android mobile device.

While many users will upgrade to a higher-end model once their contract period has expired, others choose to remain with their current smartphone. For these individuals, a software tweak could make a noticeable difference in battery life and performance. Software like this, which modifies the Motorola DROID’s settings, can improve the battery life and performance of the smartphone. Users who like to carry out various tasks that their smartphones cannot perform well because of battery life issues will appreciate the benefit of these software applications.

Bottom Line

Software like this is available for download at various locations across the web. Software like this will help users optimize their Motorola DROID’s settings to maximize battery life. Users who want to take advantage of this capability should visit their favorite search engine and type ” Motorola DROID optimization” into the search bar. After the results come up, it is recommended that they view the links provided for different programs and choose which ones they think will best fit their needs. This is just one of the ways that users can make their phones last longer when they use the big battery power-only phones.

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