Ways to Find Phones for Sale

phones for sale

With the smartphone industry on a constant rise, there are now more than 4.6 million people who have decided to sell their used phones online. This makes it even easier for you to purchase new devices at great savings! But how can you make sure you’ll actually get your money’s worth with all these options out there? Here are some tips that will help point you in the right direction:

1) Check local listings

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You could start by checking Craigslist or eBay’s “for sale” sections, but many of these ads don’t offer what they’re supposed to. According to recent research, up to 40 percent of cell phone listings on Craigslist aren’t trustworthy; only 28 percent of sellers provide what they say they will and 11 percent refuse to even sell you what you’ve decided on.

2) Use online resale sites

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As opposed to the listings mentioned above, there are some trusted websites that offer phones at affordable prices for used devices. One of them is Swappa, an excellent source of reasonably-priced phones or accessories which have been vetted by the web’s most experienced phone buyers and sellers. Another great option is Decluttr! Their “sell your phone” feature provides a safe way to trade in your old phone for cash! Since they’re already one of the world’s leading marketplaces for anything digital, it makes sense that they work with more than 1,000 retailers including Amazon where you can get anything from MacBooks to designer clothing up to 50 percent below the retail price!

3) Check your carrier’s buy-back program

If you purchase a new phone through your carrier, their website will automatically provide an option to trade in your old one. Savings can be significant when you do it this way, depending on the age and condition of the phone. Be aware though that carriers don’t offer cash for phones; they put them up for auction where the highest bidder gets the device. Since getting a good price is nearly impossible at these events, buying back directly from your carrier may not actually yield better results.

4) Look into extended warranties

While they aren’t exactly “new” devices, another advantage of buying used electronics is extended warranties that are available on most items if you pre-order through Amazon. These plans are usually 30-90 days (at most), but can provide protection after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

5) Buy refurbished phones

Another option is to buy a certified pre-owned device from a reputable online seller. When you visit sites like Handtec, for example, you’ll find a wide selection of refurbished phones that have been tested and certified by technicians at major manufacturers such as Apple or Samsung. Most products sold on this site offer a one-year warranty, while some can be covered for up to two years. In addition, they provide convenient payment options including PayPal which allows users to make purchases without sharing financial information.

6) Look into unlocked devices

One other thing you should consider when buying used phones is to purchase them unlocked. There are a lot of advantages here; you can use the phone with any carrier and your warranty will remain valid no matter who you choose to work with. You’ll also be able to sell it (again, at its current market value) without having to worry about switching out the original SIM card.

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