How to Sell Your Old Phone for the Most Money


When we change out our cell phones for a newer model, or if something goes wrong and they become unusable, most of us just stick them in a drawer and forget about them. Old  phones often end up as forgotten trash that needs to be thrown away. Not only is this hazardous for the environment, but it’s also wasting money that could literally be cash in your pocket! In fact, there are some companies who will give you bonuses for sending your old phone to their recycling facility. For example, Prepaid USB Phone Cards have an easy recycling program where they offer cashback on old  phones. It works like this:

A hand holding a cellphone
  • You recycle 5 items and get a $5 credit on your account.
  • You recycle 10 items and get a $15 credit on your account.

Between the money you save by recycling, and the cashback bonuses, there are plenty of reasons to start selling your old cell phones online. So let’s take a look at how to do it.

Where Can Sell An Old Phone?

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You’ve got two choices when it comes to selling an old cell phone. You can either go through the official channels provided by your cell service provider, or you can sell it on one of dozens of websites online that specialize in selling used electronics. Going through the official channels is easy enough if all you want to do is get rid of your old phone as soon as possible; this way you don’t have to put any effort into finding a buyer yourself. What’s more, the process usually doesn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. All you have to do is contact your service provider, tell them you wish to upgrade your handset, and follow their instructions for getting rid of the old one. They’ll make sure that any personal information stored on your phone gets safely transferred to your new device before they’re done with it. There are two downsides to this approach: it takes time (usually 7-10 days), and there’s no guarantee that you’re going to get top dollar for your old phone. Instead, most people simply list their phones online in hopes of finding a buyer quickly and easily without having to pay fees or taxes. Sure enough, there are dozens of websites that specialize specifically in buying and selling used mobile phones. You can search online for sites in your area, or you might wish to visit the most popular ones directly. This way you’ll have access to more options, and you won’t miss anything important if there’s only one site available in your area (or if it happens to be down for maintenance). What’s more, some of these sites even allow you to sell broken cell phones. The following list includes some of the best websites on the internet where you’re likely to find someone who will buy your phone at a reasonable price. These are ways for selling  phones and getting maximum money easily.

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