The Best Phone Under 300 Dollars – Your Options

We all know that most high end phones are not cheap and some of them cost thousands of dollars. It does not mean that Motorola has made cheap phones in a bid to attract people only, but it is obvious that they have lowered their prices to encourage people to buy them.

Motorola DROID

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The Motorola DROID is one phone that has so much to offer for those of you on a budget. It has a super slim, sleek design with a 5.5 inch screen and a large, high definition, LED HD Super AMOLED display. It also comes with built in GPS and a great camera on a mobile that takes great pictures. All these features make it a must have for those who want a mobile phone with all the technology inside it, yet for reasonable prices.

If you have been wondering how the DROID could be priced so low at such a low price, this is how it works. The DROID comes with the moto power packed in to a mobile which is the best out there in the current market. You can get a large LCD screen which is sure to impress anyone who sees yours. This phone also comes with a super slim, sleek design with a 5.5 inch screen and a large, high definition, LED HD Super AMOLED display.

One of the things that make the Motorola DROID so special is the long list of software features that it comes with. There are tons of software applications available to help you customize your phone and make it your own. From business applications to music players, from games to internet and IM applications, you name it is available in realme8. And if you want it to be completely customized, then the developers of realme8 have you covered too.

Oppo A5

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The Oppo A5 is another unique addition to the long list of phones being sold by Oppo. The A5 is a mid-budget smartphone which is not really powerful enough to compete with the higher end smartphones like the iPhone and the HTC Desire. Nevertheless, it has got a lot of good features that make it very attractive for anyone who is looking for a basic smartphone with a decent amount of memory and a decent amount of storage. It runs on the android operating system which is very stable and smooth, and the performance is quite good for a mid-budget smartphone.

Oppo OnePLUS

The Oppo OnePLUS is one of the best unlocked phones with a large memory and a great camera. It is available in a few colors including red, black and white and comes with a nice, big and bright six megapixel, fm4 camera. The battery life of this phone is rather short but it does last for a good part of a day. For those who use their phone for work, the battery life is just perfect and for gaming it is one of the best unlocked phones with a great display.

Oppo Avanti

The Oppo Avanti is another unique entry in the best phone under 300 dollars. This is the smaller brother of the successful Avanti 10.5 which also has a similar design. The Avanti 10.5 has a very attractive and futuristic design and the Avanti is meant for those who are looking for a phone that has an eco-friendly feel and design. It is however a bit smaller than its larger brother and it also weighs a bit more too.

Wrapping Up

As for the different features of these phones, the realme 8 has a few extra options compared to the others. It has a microSD slot so that you can add some extra memory. It also has a USB port and a headphone jack. The realme 8 also has a really nice futuristic design that some would call futuristic. This design is also very nice on the outside. You can get some cool futuristic bands or you can just go for a simple, but cool looking black and grey unit that has a dual camera on the back.

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