The Best Motorola Phones of 2020

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It is hard to believe but Motorola has had almost 90-years of existence. From the very first wooden radio in 1926, through to the latest 3rd generation 4G/LTE phones for 2020, Motorola’s excellence in engineering excellence and innovation is unavoidable .As we all know that motorola phones are very fast mobile .The best motorola phones and their features are listed below.

1. Motorola 2020 – Motorola ‘Infinity Flex Display’ Phone

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The Motorola 2020 design has a bend in the middle of the phone / tablet with a flexible OLED display. It is a truly innovative concept which will allow manufacturers to increase screen size without increasing device size. This is possible because the main body of the current generation Moto 2020 devices remains stationary while the outer edges can be bent, i.e., where there are no keypad buttons or other hardware features such as camera lenses and speakers. In short, when you want to use your mobile either as a mobile handset or phablet , you expand it from its closed state. When done so, the center bar stays put; simply release one end of it and it will curl back into its former position.

It is not the first time we’ve seen this technology; it was actually demonstrated back in November 2018 and Moto has already scheduled an event for 14th February 2020 where they will show off their latest innovations including the Motorola 2020 phone .

2. Motorola Moto G6 – 3rd Generation 4G/LTE Phone

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It’s simply impossible to make a list of the best Motorola phones without mentioning at least one model from the G series . Why are they so popular among mobile phone consumers? The answer is simple – excellent value for money. Don’t get us wrong, there are some cheap mobile phones out there which are quite good but cannot hold a candle against good old Moto! Why do you think they have managed to stay on the market for so long? Well, their latest Moto G6 design is no exception. We expect to see this model released by late 2020 or early 2021.

3. Motorola Moto Z4 – 4th Generation ‘Premium Device’ Phone

The best rated Motorola smartphones are usually mid-range devices which boast excellent connectivity options and decent hardware under the hood. However, that does not mean they cannot be improved upon because it seems that next generation models will have even better connectivity options . For example, according to industry rumors , the Motorola 2020 phone specs include a Snapdragon 855 chipset paired with 6GB of RAM & 128GB of storage space. It will also have an impressive 48 MP primary camera! Needless to say our money is on this device; it will be even better than the Moto Z3 .

4. Motorola 2020 ‘Octa-Core’ Phone

There seems to be a rather mixed opinion on whether Motorola will release an Octa-core phone in 2020 or not. On one hand, there is no denying that the 8 core design is future proof but then again, few mobile devices actually need that many cores to function well … Moreover, having all that power under the hood requires more battery to run and who would want a thicker phone when you can have thinner? We’ll just have to wait and see…

5. Motorola 5G GSM / CDMA Modem Phones

The year of 5G has finally arrived! If you are excited about this new technology – join the club because we are all in it together. This is only the beginning of what most industry experts believe will be a game changing technology that will allow us to do pretty much everything with our mobile devices (i.e., phone , surf internet, play games, watch movies …). In essence, 5G is going to be just as important as 4G was when it first arrived on the scene!

Even though there has been no official announcement from Motorola 2020 about this particular release – their current Moto Z3 model proves that they have been working on a high speed LTE modem which should still function perfectly well even after introducing a new network standard . We cannot wait for 2021…

6. Motorola 2020 ‘Video Doorbell’ Phone

This is another feature that Motorola 2020 specs are not clear about, however, it should definitely be on the list of things to expect from this manufacturer next year. Why? Well, firstly because Motorola Moto Z4 is rumored to have a video doorbell! Although we cannot confirm whether these rumors are true or not it would make sense for them to release an update to the existing model with the latest technology. The 2020 video doorbell phone could also come equipped with 5G support which will allow you to stream videos in 4K quality despite poor network connection conditions.

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