The Best Equalizer For Android Phones -

The Best Equalizer For Android Phones

equalizer for android phones

Android has always been a little interesting about equalizers. The Operating System has upheld equalizers for some time. Be that as it may, it’s as yet not an extraordinary encounter. Some music applications have them and a few gadgets have local ones in the settings that work system-wide. Be that as it may, numerous applications like YouTube Music doesn’t and it’s abnormal to get everything to work constantly. Also, with the Bluetooth insurgency, a significant number of the Bluetooth earphone buddy applications change the EQ of the actual headset and sidestep Android altogether. All things considered, you do have a few alternatives should you need to attempt to EQ your gadget yourself. Here are the best equalizer for Android phones. 

Equalizer and Bass Booster 

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Equalizer and Bass Booster is genuinely simple. It has an equalizer and a bass supporter. To be more specific, it incorporates a five-band equalizer, ten equalizers presets, and a bass supporter. The designers express that it should work with most music players, video players, and FM radio. The lone significant issue is that the application will close now and again when left behind the scenes and in some cases, it doesn’t generally work. It’s one of the more straightforward equalizer applications and it should chip away at most gadgets. 

Equalizer FX 

Equalizer FX is one of the cleaner, more current equalizer applications. It is extraordinarily simple to utilize. It accompanies a five-band equalizer, bass lift, virtualization, and surprisingly a commotion enhancer (Android 4.4 and up as it were). Like most, it accompanies a gadget alongside presets to kick you off. The designer has likewise expressed that this should work with most music players, including Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, and others. The paid rendition is equivalent to the free form. It simply eliminates advertising. 

Music Volume EQ 

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Music Volume EQ and Bass Booster is perhaps the most well-known equalizer applications out there. Fortunately, it really functions admirably. It incorporates the standard five-band EQ alongside nine EQ presets. Alongside that, you’ll gain volume influence, bass boosting, commotion improvement, and the sky is the limit from there. The designers additionally gloat that it should function admirably with most video and sound players. All things considered, it’s a positive encounter for a product equalizer. It clearly will not work with everything and you get more presets from others on this rundown, yet this works OK. It’s additionally altogether free as should have been obvious. 


Neturalizer is perhaps the most special equalizer application that we’ve seen. Rather than giving you an EQ to change yourself, it has one that changes itself depending on what you like. During setup, you’ll be approached to pay attention to sounds at different frequencies. You turn them up or down dependent on how well you hear them. At the point when you’re set, the application auto-produces an extraordinary equalizer preset only for you dependent on the speakers or earphones you’re wearing. The free form allows you to make one preset while the professional variant allows you to make as numerous as you need. If you attempt this, we suggest re-doing the sound test with each new arrangement of speakers or earphones you plugin as they will deliver various outcomes.

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