The Best Cheap Phones for Almost Every Budget

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A lot of people think that you need to spend a lot of money to get the best phone. This is not necessarily true. The following list will give you an idea of what phones are out there and their prices. They’re not ranked from cheapest to most expensive, but they’re all sufficient for different budgets and needs.

Samsung Galaxy S9

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This smartphone has one of the most beautiful screens available on the market today with its bright and vivid colors that will ensure exceptional viewing time no matter where users are. Samsung has always been known for producing high-quality products that have long-lasting battery lives, but the Galaxy S9 takes this even further by having a very long-lasting battery life that can last up to 24 hours.

While this phone has a slightly smaller battery life than its predecessor, many people will find that it has an overall longer lifespan due to its lower power consumption.

OnePlus 7T

OnePlus 7T is currently the second-best phone for gamers. It comes with a Snapdragon 855 CPU and up to 12GB of RAM. It also has a built-in fan that can help keep your device cool during gameplay and other high-performance tasks.

Samsung Galaxy Note9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 provides players with an incredible display as well as all of the newest features that they will need for an exceptional gaming experience. This phone’s 6GB RAM allows users to enjoy incredibly fast speeds while playing their favorite games, and its 4,000mAh battery ensures hours of uninterrupted playtime as it can last for this long even when used heavily throughout the day.

Apple iPhone X

One of the main reasons gamers choose to buy the iPhone X is for its exceptional performance when it comes to running popular games like Fortnite or PUBG. This phone’s A11 Bionic processor and 3GB of RAM ensure that players can run these types of apps without needing any other applications on their phones, giving them a seamless gaming experience.

The iPhone X has a 5.8-inch screen size with a 2436 x 1125 pixel resolution, which means nothing will be blurry when viewing content from their favorite games or shows. Another perk of this phone is that it runs off iOS 11, which allows the phone to function as efficiently as possible while multitasking at any moment during gameplay.

Nokia 6.1

The Nokia 6.1 is a good option for those who are trying to get the best phone at an affordable price. This smartphone’s performance is relatively powerful and seamless with its Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor along with 4GB of RAM to keep things running smoothly.

Players can enjoy enhanced graphics while playing popular games like Fortnite or PUBG; because it also has 64 GB of storage space, players can load up their favorite games onto this phone to play wherever they are.

This phone’s 5.5-inch screen is slightly bigger than other phones in its category, which makes it a great choice for those who are looking for something different. This phone is considered the best cheap smartphone under $100 because of how it functions as well as its price tag.

Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact

One of the best aspects of this phone is its ability to provide users with high-quality gameplay despite having a smaller screen size than other popular smartphones in its category. The Xperia XZ1 has 4GB of RAM along with an incredible Snapdragon 835 chipset, which allows players to experience seamless play when running any game on it without needing to purchase a new phone. This smartphone also has one of the best cameras on the market today, which makes it perfect for taking photos as well as recording or streaming your favorite games.

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