iPhone 11: Let’s Take A Look At The Features Of iPhone 11

iPhone 11: Let's Take A Look At The Features Of iPhone 11

iPhone 11 is the latest model of iPhone developed by the company. It is the better version of the previous iPhone series and has much goodness inside it. In this article, we will discuss the unique and new features of this phone. 

iPhone 11 Features: Dark Mode

This is a new feature of the iPhone camera. It gives an intense dark effect on the photograph, which is great for low light. All you need to do is turn on the mode or set the dark mode automatically. 

iPhone 11 Features: Photos

Check your photos on the gallery by days, months, and years. Thus, it becomes easy for you to find photographs and videos depending on when it was taken. There are many editing options as well that quickly helps you to put changes on the photographs and also see where changes. 

iPhone 11 Features: Camera

The camera of iPhone 11is the most significant feature of all. The portrait option provides a sharp look of the object by blurring the background. You will also get clear photographs even in low light. 

iPhone 11 Features: Sign In With Apple

Use your Apple ID to sign in to the apps. There is no tension of creating a password as you can sign in using your Face ID or Touch ID. Apple will maintain the security and safety of your profile with two-factor authentication.

iPhone 11 Features: Siri

We all are familiar with Siri! Siri’s voice has changed in the new versions of the iPhone. The new Siri has a very natural and clear voice. 

Features: Messages

There is an option for you to share your name and photo automatically while sending messages. You can also use Animoji or even a monogram for your photo. 

Features: App Store

Have a subscription of Apple Arcade (if available in your country). With the help of this, you can play new games on this phone and all other Apple devices including Apple TV. Download and play games from the Apple Store, that too without any ad. 

Features: Apple TV+

Take a subscription to Apple TV+ and see all Apple Originals with any disturbances, i.e., without any ad. But this might not be an option in all countries. 

Features: Fonts:

There are various types of fonts available in the App store. You can now use these fonts while creating documents on iPhone 11. 

iPhone 11: Let's Take A Look At The Features Of iPhone 11
iPhone 11: Let’s Take A Look At The Features Of iPhone 11

Features: Audio Sharing

This is a very unique feature that Apple has introduced in this phone. Now you can let someone else, who is also wearing AirPods, hear what you are listening. 

Features: Health App

In iPhone 11, you get a personalized Health app which allows you to track your fitness goals in a better way. There is also the option to track your menstrual cycle and you will get notified whenever you are in your ovulation period. 

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